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Train like a Ninja Warrior with @savageninja_ash

Season 2 of Australian Ninja Warrior is fast approching!!

So as well as some great nights in on the couch watching the also means that auditions for season 3 of the world wide phenomenon will be opening soon too!!

Do you think you have what it takes to attack the Australian Ninja Warrior course?

Want to start training for the auditions?

Our founder and head trainer here at Perfect form fitness training is @savageninja_ash, Season 1 competitor on Australian Ninja Warrior!

Ash has built a great Ninja course here at our facility which is totally adjustable for all fitness/skill levels.

Balance, core strength, grip strength, speed, agility, physical confidence and mindset training are all necessary for not only performing well on the course, but also for making a good audition video. Ash has the skills to set you on the path to success in all these areas.

So if tackling the Ninja Warrior course is a dream of yours, or maybe you just want to feel what its like to fly through the air knowing confidently that you can catch your body weight on the other side, then contact Ash to book a session today!!

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