Train like a Ninja Warrior with @savageninja_ash

Season 2 of Australian Ninja Warrior is fast approching!!

So as well as some great nights in on the couch watching the show.....it also means that auditions for season 3 of the world wide phenomenon will be opening soon too!!

Do you think you have what it takes to attack the Australian Ninja Warrior course?

Want to start training for the auditions?

Our founder and head trainer here at Perfect form fitness training is @savageninja_ash, Season 1 competitor on Australian Ninja Warrior!

Ash has built a great Ninja course here at our facility which is totally adjustable for all fitness/skill levels.

Balance, core strength, grip strength, speed, agility, physical confidence and mindset training are all necessary for not only performing well on the course, but also for making a good audition video. Ash has the skills to set you on the path to success in all these areas.

So if tackling the Ninja Warrior course is a dream of yours, or maybe you just want to feel what its like to fly through the air knowing confidently that you can catch your body weight on the other side, then contact Ash to book a session today!!


Perfect form SAVAGES!! @ Obstacle Hell!!

Perfect form fitness training encourages all of it's members to get out of their comfort zones and get involved in local events.

For this reason we created the Perfect form SAVAGES!! Here is a photo of our savages after running obstacle hell, a 5km obstacle race. 

For many of our members this was their first obstacle race and everyone got muddy,conquered fears, got a great workout and had an awesome time working together as a team to surpass all obstacles.



Congratulations Coral- 2nd Place ICN Miss Athletica!!

Congratulations to Coral Symonds for representing Perfect form fitness training at the ICN Miss Athletica Competition!!

Coral's hard work and dedication paid really paid off with her receiving a 2nd, 3rd and 4th placing over 3 figure categories.

Coral always pushes hard with her weight training, keeps her meal planning on point and stays mentally focussed on her way to competition.

All training, meal planning, posing practice and spray tanning was done in house at perfect form fitness in our Capalaba studio and the end result- Coral looked absolutely amazing onstage!! Check her out!!


We now offer kids Ninja Warrior & Calisthenics sessions!!

Perfect form fitness training is excited to be able to add kids Ninja warrior and Calisthenics (body weight) training to our list of available services!! We love fitness and are always learning new skills, in 2016 our trainer Ash completed his Progressive Calisthenics Certification and early 2017 he will be one of the athletes in the brand new television show "Australian Ninja Warrior".

This style of training is a great way to get your young ones interested in fitness, we work on strength, coordination, flexibility, new skills/challenges and most of all having fun!!

Each week we look at progressing up the ladder of calisthenics exercises and each week we have a new ninja warrior set up to tackle.

Call or email Ash for pricing and details, your kids will love it!!!


Sydney Progessive Calisthenics Certification

Our trainer Ash headed down south for Sydney's first ever PCC course (Progressive Calisthenics Cert)at the weekend(sept 23-25th 2016).

This course is run by Dragon door's world renowned Master PCC trainer Al Kavadlo!

Al was joined by his lovely wife Grace Kavadlo and the CEO of Dragon door Mr John Du Cane.

The word Calisthenics comes from early 19th century Greek: Kallos 'beauty' + sthenics 'strength' and teaches the student in a totally progessive way, from the most basic moves which can easily be performed by the beginner, right up the ultimate feats of unparalleled strength such as the Human flag, Muscle up and many more using little to no equipment. Benefits Include: Strength, Muscle gain and weightloss.

Al and Grace put on an amazing weekend, everyone participating in the Certification loved it!!

This Certification is a great addition to Ash's qualifications and puts him at the top of the pack when looking for a calisthenics trainer in Queensland.




INBA Queensland Titles Sept 2016

Peter Russell repesented Perfect form fitness training well at INBA Queensland Titles at the weekend.

His months of hard training and dieting paid off getting him into 3rd place on the podium in the 50+ men's bodybuilding catagory.

It takes a strong mind and alot of disipline, sticking to a meal plan, training hard everyday and getting the required posing practice in to get in this kind of shape.

Great work and congratulations Peter!!


2015 Top Performer's Awards!

Perfect form fitness training held it's 2015 awards ceremony on the 12th of December.

Each year we look for our top 3 clients who throughout the year have:

smashed their training, improved their nutrition, changed their mind set and become better versions of them selves.

This years winner was Peter Russell

Second place was Anna afoa

Third was Steve Houghton.

Congratulation on a great year guys, you all took your health and fitness to a new level and really smashed it out of the park!! We at Perfect form fitness training are very proud of you all!!